Project ZEBRA Begins!

Aceleron began Project Zebra (Zero Emission Vehicle Battery Re-manufacturing for Energy Storage Storage) in April 2017 alongside partners Blue Vine Consultants and ALP Technologies. 

Aceleron will be building a battery pack using recovered energy storage for use with ALP Technologies Biomass Generator. 

 Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle Battery Pack

Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicle Battery Pack

Each year in the European Union 9 Million Tonnes of End of Life (EoL) automotive waste is created. The introduction of Electric Vehicles into the waste stream will have a significant impact on this by introducing large volumes of EoL battery packs. The current method of disposal of automotive batteries is to break them down to a material level, a process that is wasteful and energy intensive. This project, involving Aceleron, Blue Vine Consultants and Alp Technologies will demonstrate that these EoL automotive batteries can be safely disassembled, tested and rebuilt into energy storage devices. These devices can be used in the developing regions to store electricity at low cost. Often in developing regions electricity is unreliable, or solar power is used, meaning at night no power is available. The energy storage device developed in this project will improve the lives of people who do not have regular access to electricity. In this project the battery packs will be demonstrated by Alp Technologies

This project is supported by InnovateUK and Department for International Development .